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Which city is better?

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Pleb with a Pen

Damn I am late.

Here's the (presumably) highly anticipated poll for the most epic City Building Event. Sadly, TheWhiteDove hasn't responded back to me with a finished story(or at all), so it's only between me and That one guy. Still, feel free to read both of the stories, provide any CnC you may have and finally vote on which city you think is better. I would like to stress that the criteria of your voting are more subjective than usual exploits. You can judge based on whether you think the city is cool, or if you'd like to live in it or whatever; it's up to you.

The cities:

Veargo: The City On The Edge Of Time
Veargo is a city located on the snowy northwest coast of Saranac well known for its fisheries and fish related exports. At first glance, the city of Veargo seems to be a somewhat normal small little town, and one that is relatively far from the action of the Sanguine Theater. Yet, for those who spend enough time in Veargo, it is apparent that there is a place within the city where time does not travel normally.

For starters, time travels faster on Timbus Island north of the city and for whatever reason, it seems to be getting faster with every passing year. Currently, those on the island experience five days for every day anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, other time phenomenon have been recorded. Overall, this phenomenon appears to be contained to the island of Timbus save for a point that stretches across half the Cortisco bridge and the waters below it but the occasional ripple can sometimes occur for a few minutes outside the normal field of influence.

Though perhaps more alarmingly, people within the different time flow have a tendency to just disappear and experience other affects. Some are trapped within shrinking time loops that don't release them back to the normal flow of time until the time loop reaches a single point. Others are sent forwards in time, backwards in time, or even sideways to alternate timelines. But whenever this phenomenon occurs, time always corrects itself within a week or two and the person always reappears right where they disappeared with no effect on the present timeline. Whether they are in the same condition that they left in however is an entirely different story.

Regardless, Veargo is a small quaint city that currently has a population of exactly 7,856 residents excluding the common tourist or business traveller. In spite of this however, the city mostly boasts stone and concrete buildings with Gothic shaped architecture and plenty of paint to keep the city a vibrant white and blue. The residents of Veargo are generally a peaceful people who don't participate in the violence of the rest of the continent but do welcome travellers with open arms if only to bleed them dry of cash. Otherwise, it is a place of pride rich harbors teeming with wildlife, masquerade parties hosted by wealthier residents, and avoiding the island just off the coast to the north of the city.

The geography around the city is fairly straightforward. The south contains the Serada mountain range, a lush, but steep mountain range that ensures heavy windflow just north and south of the range. Additionally, it ensures heavy snowfall and a five degree temperature drop south of the mountains thanks to incoming southeast winds. Furthermore, the city itself is located on a fairly smooth northeast corner with a slight horn on the north side that spans towards a three mile island one mile north from the mainland. Finally, there is a lush dense evergreen forest west of the main city that teems with relatively peaceful wildlife. Navigation can be difficult when travelling through it, but it is the recommended route to the city.

And as for the city layout, Veargo is divided into four different districts; the business district, the residential district, the uptown district, and the island district. However, the last district is often just referred to as Timbus Island and is generally considered a failed attempt to expand the city of Veargo.

The first district to be mentioned, Veargo's thriving business district, is located on the north coast of the city and sprawls westward to the edge of the city. There is not too much to say about this district but it has many harbors along its shores lined with cruises and fishing boats. To this end, the city is actually quite famous for its fishing. Furthermore, it has the famous Cortisco Bridge which leads to the island approximately one mile off the coast of the northern continent.

It's hard to tell where the business district ends and where the second district, or the residential district begins. But the residential area hugs the northwest coast of the city and moves all the way down to the mountains south of the main area of the city and even spans to the south western edge of the city where the majority of the city's slums can be located. Naturally, this area contains plenty of hotels to catch the eyes of passing travellers but the most popular by far is the White King hotel. Otherwise, this area is known for its absolutely breathtaking sunrises.

The third district to be mentioned, the uptown district, can be experienced within the northern Serada mountain range. The northern sections of the mountain range contain sparsely populated neighborhoods for the rich and well-off individuals though most tend to open up their doors to their associates for masquerade parties. At first, this was a rare occurrence, but as time progressed, this has become a way for pompous individuals to try and outdo each other. Otherwise, those who continue up the winding roads can find their way to the Black King hotel and ski resort on the west side of the mountain range. Notably, there are three roads that lead to the Black King hotel and ski resort. One that goes down the side of the mountain towards the rest of the city, one that goes into a cave and heads into the city, and one that goes down the south side of the mountain range and leaves the city all together. However, the last route is highly unrecommended due to frequent avalanches, perilous unmaintained roads, and the general violence of a town south of this town called Narsol.

Finally, north of the Cortisco is the island of Timbus. Timbus has a residential area to its east and a business area to its west. However, this part of Veargo has long since been left alone to decay as a hollow sparsely populated shell of what it used to be thanks to being the epicenter of the aforementioned time shifts.

Of course, the city of Veargo is not only known by its districts and no city can thrive to the extent that Veargo has without acquiring its own landmarks. Because of this, there are three locations in particular that are well known to both visitors and local individuals alike. Albeit they receive the vast majority of their attention from outsiders.

The first of the three landmarks is the Cortisco Bridge. This metallic wonder is a double decked bridge that spans all the way to Timbus Island. It was built to be a simple, sturdy, bridge with free flow traffic by Leonardo Cortisco but for many, it has become the precipice to another world as time begins to behave unnaturally on this bridge. Regardless, the white anchors and the blue metal beams are sure to catch anyone's eye thanks to their builty though most prefer to witness it from a distance.

The second of the three landmarks, the White King Hotel, is simply a hotel that prides itself on its affordability, its quality, and its theme as seen by the white and black chess tiled floor open immediate entering as well as the marble white chess piece statues located throughout. This hotel of course, features its own gym, indoor swimming pool with a glass roof, and complimentary breakfast buffet. And luckily enough, for those who do not buy into the chess motifs, the rooms follow a more classic design with dark green walls, standard white carpet floors, and of course, furniture and space dependant upon the type of room.

However, the White King Hotel has an antithesis. The third of the three landmarks is the Black King Hotel and Ski Resort.  Located in the Serada Mountain ranges, the Black King Hotel and Ski Resort caters to a richer group of people. It prides itself in its quality, its theme, and its view over the city. From a design perspective, it is very similar to the White King Hotel. However, the color patterns appear to be black and gold with red walls as opposed to white and black with green walls. This resort has a gym, an indoor pool, an aquarium, a ski lift, and one of the finest restaurants one could ever experience name Valegro.

But while these locations draw visitors to the city, it is the city's rich history that most visitors have claimed to appreciate the most upon recounting their experiences in Veargo. There countless details, but the main point of interest involves the city's beginnings and progression. The city began with humble beginnings. Hundreds of years ago, Seranac explorers found lush dense evergreen forests that stretched to the edge of coasts that abounding with natural resources and teeming fisheries. In spite of the cold, the natural resources abundant in the area was enough to entice a hardy group of men to start a settlement. So, trees were cleared, a connection was established, and the city cropped up.

Progress progressed as usual and the city went from wooden huts to concrete and metal buildings. But the city's rich history began once the city opened its ports to trade with Amadeus. Aside from the commerce enriching the city, it led to the attempted expansion of the city towards the island north of the mainland. An endeavor that started successfully at first, but quickly began to unravel once the populace realized just why everything was so productive on that island and why the coast was populated with so many fish. And that reason was time. Time discrepancies began to crop up, people began to disappear, and many fled the island out of fear for their lives. Nonetheless, the phenomenon attracted tourists and scientists alike. In fact, to this day, a fair share of money can be earned by living on the island and recording the experiences there.

Once tourism began to really take off, a man named Adler Schnee founded the White King hotel. In the beginning competition was fierce and the hotel operated at a loss for its first five years. But after that, it saw modest profits and gradually began to assert its dominance within the city. At least, that was until Albert Schwartz founded the Black King hotel and ski resort over a century after White King hotel was founded. The Schnee family sued for infringement upon their own name and them but in a landmark decision, the courts ruled in favor of Albert Schwartz. Because of this, there has been a bitter feud between the families ever since. Albeit, one that the Schnee family is winning quite handily.

Recently, within the past few decades, a man named Anderson Villis popularized masquerade parties within the highlands. He tended to host them monthly and sell tickets to them for charity efforts, but he was quickly replicated but his affluent colleagues. Eventually, Solomon had to leave the city on behalf of being closer to his business and once he did, these events began to warp into a vindictive game of who can host the best party. These parties have been hosted every week since and usually three are hosted on the same day when they are. However, some of the proceeds still go to charity which of course, is flaunted.

Naturally, over the course of the Veargo's existence, the city has required experienced and inspired leadership to manage these opportunities and issues so that the city could continue to thrive as it has. Unfortunately, most of its leaders have no lived up to this need. But most have done a good enough job to ensure that the city continued to function.

The city is run by a mayor that is elected every two years though it is practically a plutocracy by modern times. The Schwatz's usually back the right leaning candidates and the Schnees typically back the left leaning candidate. Luckily, the mayors somehow have a history of relatively low corruption in terms of actual crime but they do typically do have a conflict of interests. The current mayor, John Martello, is an honest and hardworking individual who admittedly has his biases towards ensuring that the fishing industry continues to thrive but is generally trying to do a fair and good job for his people. Otherwise, the city adheres fully to the law of the country in which it resides.

Meizon- The Trading Hub
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Heh, now there's two of the them!

My proudest creation so far: The Hybrids

That one guy from earlier

I feel like it would be best for me to abstain from voting for now, but I feel like it is only fair to congratulate you. It is kind of funny how we both went with trading hubs though if I do say so myself.

That one guy from earlier

So. Should we try PMing Crank and seeing if he wants to vote on either option? This is kinda sad.

Pleb with a Pen

I agree, that's pretty sad. Sorry for not responding sooner, but I'll be posting CnC in a couple of days(whatever little I can at least, since this topic isn't so "heavy") for your city since I haven't read it in detail. I also sent a PM to Crank just now. All we can do now is wait. This forum died way too quickly.
Check out my piece!

Heh, now there's two of the them!

My proudest creation so far: The Hybrids

That one guy from earlier

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This is legit the reason why I left the previous forum. The forum was a ghost town and a selfish part of me wanted to write a story that I thought at least some people would read. Even if it were just 1 or 2 people. Oh well, I guess.

You did really well I think and you certainly merged the various topics of the city together better than I think I did. I don't really have much to critique about your city really. I suppose some specifics would have been nice in terms of the city's overall infrastructure and hot spots (you mentioned a monument and a military compound but I think that's it or at least that's all I can remember since I read this the day it came out) but other than that you did a fine job.